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We at Space Age Alarms, Inc. know the stress of protecting your everything you love.  Home, family, businesses... we've been there.  We also understand that sometimes we have to make sacrifices for priorities; not being able to dine out as much to afford the rent or cutting back on vacations to pay your doctor's bill.

In today's world, safety and security plays a large role.  You never know when that old toaster will spark a fire, when carbon monoxide will find its way into your household or when an intruder decides to go shopping in your home while you're there or not.  These are risks that one should never be willing to take.
Let us show you what we're all about !
We can assure you peace of mind while saving you money at the same time ! Space Age Alarms, Inc. specializes in commercial, industrial and residential sales, installations and service.  We offer 24 Hour Central Station Monitoring protection, Burglary Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, CCTV Surveillance, Carbon Monoxide Detection and Medical/Weapon Detection Systems. 

So, when it comes to priorities, we understand.  Take advantage of our "No obligation Survey and Estimate" and see what we can do for you be
 "Making Your World More Secure..."